12 Luxury Wall Clocks That Everyone Should Know About

12 Luxury Wall Clocks That Everyone Should Know About

Wall clocks are part of wall art. Quality should be the first thing we look for when choosing a wall clock. Following the quality of the watch, it is important to consider the style and harmony of the watch with the existing décor. Thousands of wall clock brands manufacture wall clocks on the market if you search the Internet.

Finding a quality company that fits your style can be challenging from the wide selection of luxury wall clock brands. To simplify your shopping experience, we've carefully selected the most reliable and proven brands on the market. The main criteria we consider when choosing companies are as follows:

  • Customer reviews
  • The production process of the brand
  • Number of models available on the market
  • Material quality
  • Design uniqueness
  • Firm's historical background
  • Mechanisms with long-lasting durability

In this article, we delve into the world of luxury wall clocks, exploring their elegance, craftsmanship, and the top 12 clocks that everyone with an appreciation for design and luxury should know about according to the above criteria.

one of luxury wall clocks is hermle

1. Hermle

Hermle, which has been producing since 1922 and introducing German works of art to the whole world, offers high-quality and stylish wall clocks for classical watch enthusiasts. Due to its long history, the brand, which can also offer antique watches to its customers, charm with its dedication to detail and dexterity.

Hermle's success in pendulum clocks is like a work of art from an exceptional talent. The clock can function more precisely by recreating the length and weight of the pendulum in these clocks. The Swan Neck Pediment design is more prominent in Hermle's classic clocks. Some clocks, however, have a mechanical system. In addition, the skeleton design in many of Hermle’s clocks illustrates the mechanical principles of all the clocks. Some of the Hermble clocks strike once every 6 or 12 hours, a historical rule in wall clocks.

Howard Millar is one of best wall clocks brand

2. Howard Miller

When Howard Miller designed his first watches in 1926, it was the birth of an experience that would last a century. Although the brand usually comes to the fore with its floor clocks, it also has exact high-quality wall clocks. The company also offers quartz mechanisms in addition to classical winding mechanisms. (Key-Wind/Tripleey-Wind/Westminster ). Despite cherry finishing being popular in older models, customers now have more options with new models.

Howard Miller is an American brand producing timeless watches. In the eyes of users, Howard Miller watches are constantly gaining in value and never losing their significance, just like an investment. The company offers a variety of clocks, such as wall clocks, grandfather clocks, accent clocks, and more.
The Howard Miller website won't overwhelm you with hundreds of products but make you fall in love with its few quality products it has. Bring quality to your home with a Howard Miller wall clock.

Bulova is an wall clock brand

3. Bulova

We are now going back 150 years. A clock brand is born in the crowded streets of New York, whose reputation will spread all over the world. But don't let the name Bulova just remind you of classic watches. Modern wall clocks made from different metal types show that the brand has not compromised on quality for 150 years.

Buvola's clock collection is quite extensive. There is a wide selection of contemporary wall clocks, vintage wall clocks, pendulum wall clocks, oversized wall clocks, maritime wall clocks, and high-quality outdoor wall clocks.

In all of these categories, they are quite ambitious. Bulova still produces traditional wall clocks with pendulums, even though contemporary wall clocks are mostly quartz. There are, however, some stylish products with skeleton designs where the clock mechanism is visible.

Marathon stylish wall clocks

4. Marathon

Marathon was founded in Montreal in 1939; however, its first establishments date back to 1904. Since they were primarily producing for military purposes, they prioritized quality and durability. Though they don't have a large selection of wall clocks, the ones they do have are very useful and durable. Almost all of the wall clocks are also suitable for outdoor use.

Marathon claims to use Swiss engineering and guarantees its watches will remain in perfect working order for years, even under adverse conditions. Besides analog wristwatches, the company also offers digital wall clocks. Maraton also has a vast service network in the United States, England, and Canada.

If you are thinking of a digital wall clock, it's worth checking out Maraton's digital wall clocks, which offer dozens of functions. These functions are Temperature and Humidity, Calendar Display, Moon Phase Display, Multiple Time Zones Backlight, Automatic Backlight, Table Stand, Wall Mount and etc. With the brand's watch design, only ideal dimensions are taken into account to make watches more usable.

Newgate Wall clocks Analog

5. Newgate

The Newgate broad collection of wall clocks offers you the opportunity to select from hundreds of products. Established in England in 1990, the company offers hundreds of cute home decor options. Typically, Newgate products use a silent quartz watch movement type. At Newgate, you can find dozens of different types and styles of clocks, from well-known iconic wall clocks designs to retro designs, vintage wall clocks, and even handmade wooden wall clocks. The following is a list of some of Newgate's product ranges. However, it is definitely worth browsing the extensive product catalog.

  • Distinctive wooden rays of the sunburst wall clock.
  • Bold mid-century designs.
  • Mix of old styles and new forms.
  • Retro-inspired wall clock design.
  • Injection of modern and contemporary style.
  • Metal clock with an analog display.
  • Kitchen wall clocks.
  • Round wall clocks.
  • British design.
  • Station clock design.

 wall clocks brands seiko

6. Seiko

Since 1881, Seiko watches have been a staple of the Japanese watch industry all over the world. Seiko generally produces type of clocks that are more affordable. The most important feature that sets Seiko apart from other watch brands is that its designs can fit in any setting.

For example, a Seiko wall clock for your living room can be placed in your office or a classroom. Despite its affordable price, Seiko produces high-quality products that make you feel Japanese. In addition, Seiko has a wide service network that will help you if you have a problem with your watch.

Luxury wall clock massive indicator

7. Mclocks

In the world of prestigious wall clock brands, Mclocks is a rising star, poised to join the ranks of the best in the industry. With a dedicated design team, cutting-edge equipment, and strong business partnerships, Mclocks is primed to provide you with an unparalleled level of service.

Mclocks’ core philosophy is encapsulated in the motto, "More than just a clock." It doesn't merely craft quality wall clocks but creates pieces of art and decorative objects that grace your living spaces with aesthetics and elegance.

Mclocks’ approach to design is deeply rooted in the belief that each clock possesses a unique essence, brought to life through the hands of our skilled artisans, transforming even the simplest piece of wood into an artistic marvel.

The commitment to meticulous craftsmanship, minimalistic yet elegant designs, and the seamless fusion of visual appeal with functionality sets Mclocks apart. Inspired by the beauty and functionality of nature, Mclocks endeavors to reflect the very soul of its designs within your living spaces.

Modern wall clocks are distinguished both by their functional features and aesthetic appeal. The quality of the material and the mechanism are among the aspects that should be considered when purchasing a wall clock.

Make sure you choose a wall clock from a company whose primary business is the manufacture of wall clocks. Watches are purchased from watchmakers.

Rythm Wall Clocks

8. Rhythm

As a Japanese company, Rhythm designed its first watches in Japan. However, the company moved to Atlanta in 1991 and is still headquartered there. In addition to modern wall clocks, Rhythm has traditional clocks that add a touch of elegance. Apart from offering dozens of different melodies on its watches, it also provides a visually stimulating watch experience.

Although its wooden wall clocks bring you back hundreds of years, multifunctional wall clocks offer a wide range of features. Rhythm is a brand known for its unique design. It generally uses solid wood, plastic, convex glass, and Swarovski crystals in his watches. As for the mechanism, it prefers quartz.

 Broun is among one of the best wall clocks brands

9. Braun

Braun describes himself in three words: consistency, simplicity, and clarity. Having been in the watch industry for about 60 years, the company deserves more than just these kind words. While their designs are simple and eye-catching, they place an equal emphasis on legibility. Braun's wall clocks usually consist of two circles, inner and outer. There is perfect color harmony between these circles and the hands.

Braun wall clocks have an extremely affordable price range, proving that quality can be purchased at an affordable cost. Its prominent designs have received accolades from a number of international organizations for their refinement. It is evident from Braun's designs that it has received so many awards despite there being a number of large watch companies.

patek phlippi is one of the well known wall clocks

10. Patek Philippe

Founded in 1839 as a pocket watch manufacturer, Patek Philippe has been manufacturing watches ever since. However, the production of wall clocks by Patek Philippe has ceased. Yet, it is still possible to find buyers for these clocks at auctions, which makes it one of the quality wall clocks.

The auctions for wall clocks are worth keeping an eye on if you're a fan. Patek Philippe wall clocks are incredibly rare and are given only to authorized dealers or retailers all around the world, so owning one is truly a one-of-a-kind opportunity for anyone.

Jomparis is one of the wall clock brann and manufacturer

11. Jomparis

Jomparis is a wall clock brand that was founded in 2010 in China and has experienced rapid growth. The company offers a wide variety of products, including modern-style clocks, wooden clocks, pendulum clocks, kids' clocks, and retro-style clocks. Through the application of quality control systems in its production processes, Jomparis provides its customers with high-quality products. Its simple design makes the watches easy to wear for years to come.

infinity instrument is a clocks brand

12. Infinity Instruments

Infinity Instruments began manufacturing wall clocks in 1995 in Los Angeles. The company offers a wide range of products. It is mostly focused on modern wall clock models that dominate the market. Within its wide product range, however, there are many different options to choose from.

Infinity Instrument uses high-quality metal in its products, which demonstrates its mastery of metal shaping. A wide range of quality products is available from Infinity Instrument, from classic wall clocks to outdoor wall clocks. Besides local watch stores, Amazon, Wall Mart, and eBay sell the company's products online.

Wall clocks are distinguished both by their functional features and aesthetic appeal. The quality of the material and the mechanism are among the aspects that should be considered when purchasing a wall clock. Make sure you choose a wall clock from a company whose primary business is the manufacture of wall clocks. Watches are purchased from watchmakers.

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