In August 2019, we embarked on this thrilling adventure, designing clocks for our own home. To our delight, our clocks were met with immense appreciation and demand from friends and acquaintances in our surroundings.

What began in our small basement on a passionate journey has now evolved into establishing our own company, taking firm steps towards institutionalization. All our designs are legally protected by the TPE, and we take immense pride in having adorned the walls of over 10,000 homes worldwide!

With the support of new and talented team members, modern equipment, and strong business partners, we are now well-equipped to provide you with even better service. At Mclocks, our aim is to add aesthetics and elegance to your living spaces with our specially crafted timepieces.

"For more than just a clock" is not just a motto for us; it's a philosophy of life. Our goal is to bring a piece of art and a decorative object to your walls with each clock we offer. We will continue to impress our valued customers with our exquisite designs, for you are our greatest supporters...

In the Mclocks ecosystem, we believe that each design has a unique essence. Through the hands of skilled artisans, a simple piece of wood can transform into an artistic marvel. Every one of our designs is meticulously crafted by our expert craftsmen and artists. The resulting products are objects with soul and a story, exuding warmth and intimacy in any space.

With meticulous care, we carefully design modern clocks that bring a simple and elegant perspective to your living spaces. We draw inspiration from nature, as its beauty and functionality always captivate us.

Reflecting the essence of our designs in our products is of utmost importance to us. Striking the perfect balance between visual appeal and functionality, we believe that our style discovers its soul in living spaces. Today, we proudly present this inspiring ecosystem through our minimalistic and high-quality designs, reflecting the spirit of the times.

As MCLOCKS, we will always strive to deliver "more than just a clock." Your support and interest are the driving forces propelling us forward, and we are grateful for that strength.

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