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This adventure, which we started by designing for our own house in August 2019, started to be appreciated and demanded by our friends and environment who saw the clocks.

a man designing Modern Wall Clock

We started our first productions on our tiny balcony, and then we took steps towards establishing a company and becoming a corporate. From this adventure that started from the balcony, we managed to be a guest of approximately 10000 households around the world! All of our designs are registered and legally protected by TPE.

We are now in a much better position to serve you with our new teammates, equipment, business partners, website and corporate identity. As Mclocks, we aim to bring your living spaces together with our specially designed clocks.

While we bring you the most beautiful version of the clock, we want you to have not only a clock but also a decorative object on your walls. We aim to reach you, our valued customers, with elegant models. More than a clock is our motto, and you are our biggest supporter...

In the Mclocks ecosystem, we believe each design has its distinct nature. They are hands that humanity has always excellently used as their ultimate tool since existence.

Thanks to our hands, a simple piece of wood can transform into an excellent work of art. Aligned with this sense, our craftsmen and artisans, each being a master in their expertise areas, meticulously prepare all our designs. Objects with spirit and story circulate intimacy to any space every minute.

We minutely design our modern clocks in a fashion that introduces a pure and elegant point of view to your living spaces. There is nature on our focus. Functionality is one of our vital concepts because pictoral beauty is doomed to fail in satisfying our needs.

Taking these into consideration, we head our path to a route where pictorial beauty merges with functionality; while style explores its spirit in living spaces. It has been critical for us to reflect the nature of our designs on our products.

We get inspired by the spirit of nature while sealing our route. Consequently, our designs consist of models that not only please eyes but also persist in their functionality and remain fresh forever. We blend pure and high-quality designs with today’s zeitgeist and gladly present this ecosystem full of inspiration to you.

More Than A Clock...

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