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Atom 90
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    The Floor Clock is a modern take on the classic grandfather clock. In addition to black, walnut, gold, and silver, this stainless steel timepiece is available in several different colors. 

    A silent quartz movement and a contemporary design make this clock a great addition to any home and ensure that it will be the center of attention.

    Floor Clock

    A floor clock is a large, freestanding, decorative timepiece that stands on the floor of a room. They typically stand between 35-40 inch tall, with a traditional pendulum and weights, and is decorated with intricate designs and details. Modern floor clock usually has quartz mechanisms and minimalist contemporary design. 

    Floor clocks can come in a variety of styles, from antique models to modern, contemporary designs. Because of their size and prominent position in a room, floor clocks make a powerful statement piece in any home, regardless of the style.

    Floor Clock Features

    Our  Modern Floor Clocks offer a stylish addition to any home or office. These clocks boast a quartz high torque and are made of stainless steel with a premium surface finish. Silently operate with minute and hour hands. With a height of 38.6''/98 cm and a weight of 35.4''/90 cm, these clocks can also be hung from a single point on the wall, and all necessary components for installation and operation are included in the package.

    The Best Floor Clocks for Home?

    From modern floor clocks to vintage-style grandfather clocks, there is a clock to fit any style. Learn more about some of the most popular clocks available and pick the perfect one for you!

    Iron Scroll Floor Clock

    The scroll clock is a perfect complement to any room. With its 36"H x 12.75"W size and iron construction, it will blend nicely into most decors.

    Atom Modern Floor Clock's modern floor clocks are stylish quartz clocks made of stainless steel with a premium finish. They feature silent minute and hour hands, measuring 38.6''/98 cm in height and 35.4''/90 cm in weight.

    Industrial Black Metal Clock 51643

    Organize your time with this Roman Numeral clock face and hour and minute markers. Suitable for indoor use only, this single clock is an industrial-style accent piece for any surface.

    Essex Grandfather Clock

    This clock is sure to make a statement at 78” in height, 21” in width, and 14” in depth! This stunning, triple chime, tubular movement clock is encased in an ultra-modern glass-sided walnut case, making it the perfect piece to stand out in any room.

    Where to Place a Modern Floor Clock in Your Home?

    Floor clocks and wall clocks can be used as modern decorations for your home, placed in the most visible center point of the room or living room. In particular, a floor-standing clock is often utilized as a supplemental accessory in the corner areas of the living room or hall.

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    Bring your home into the modern era with Mclock floor clocks and their timeless design. Crafted in the USA with innovative engineering processes, these pieces boast timeless designs suitable for the modern lifestyle. Feel secure when making a purchase, as you are getting a modern Mclock floor clock of superior quality and skill. Made with the latest engineering techniques, these items offer stylish designs that make them ideal for modern living.

    Ground and floor clock beautify your home and rooms decor by purchasing. Order modern decorative wall clocks at discounted prices online at Mclocks Store.

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