Orbit Wooden Wall Clock

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An eternal loop: Orbit wooden wall clock !

Wooden Wall Clock

Why is it so hard to bring high quality together with cost-effectiveness and aesthetics? The wooden wall clock, which are very much needed in each home, should not be burning our pockets and have high durability. And at the same time, these clocks should address 21st-century people’s modern tastes.

Mclock’s best wooden wall clock are designed to meet people's rapidly growing needs and combine high quality with the modern tastes of the people. The Orbit wood wall clock is created to bring tranquility fully and high durability to your rooms without costing too much and have the property of being trendy.

Features of Orbit Wooden Wall Clock

While using Orbit wooden wall clocks, you will feel that it is customized especially for you, making it unique and special. These beautiful wall clock wood for your homes have 3 different material options to choose from: oak, walnut, and black. They also come in 4 different colors: silver, black, gold, and rose gold. These best wall clocks for the home have some special features outlined below.

  • The large wooden wall clock has a 6" /60 cm diameter.
  • The small orbit wood wall clock is 8"/30 cm.
  • Modern beautiful wall clocks can be hung from a single point on the wall without any problem.
  • Orbit wooden wall clocks have a quartz high torque, only have minute & hour hands, and simultaneously maintain a 100% soundless
  • The orbit wall clock is made of stainless steel and has a premium surface finish.
  • Everything necessary for installing and functioning the best wooden wall clock is included in the package that comes right through your door.

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Besides the orbit wood wall clocks, you can choose ultra-modern wall clocks from Mclocks’ other specially designed options. has a variety of different choices which you can choose from for yourself. In addition, our designs will make a great gift choice for your loved ones.

Have Any Questions About Orbit Wooden Wall Clocks?

You can easily get in touch with our customer support service 24/7 at +1 661-888-80-50.

Also, if you want a special design that fits your own room/office, please contact us beforehand so that we can produce it for you at the right time for the right place.

Please let the orbit wooden wall clock of brings tranquility to your offices/rooms in a modern and aesthetic way.

  • Please check product photos for dimensions

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