Crafting Time: The Mclocks Journey of Elegance and Artistry

Crafting Time: The Mclocks Journey of Elegance and Artistry

Crafting begins with imagination and requires resolve from the start. We combined and reconfigured colors and materials to create unique handcrafted wall clocks. Today, Mclocks has finally emerged as one of the fastest-growing clock companies.

Our designers work hard to create styles that appeal to everyone's tastes, not just a particular group. They complement any decor in the home, kitchen, office, and living room and enhance the beauty of any interior.

Our Journey and Passion for Clocks

As long as you believe something, even a small balcony will be enough to make a difference. Our journey began in 2019 with the first wall clocks we imagined creating on a rooftop balcony. We soon realized we had completed half of the process. We swiftly founded our company and began producing our imaginations.

The wall clock designs we produce must be unique and appeal to all tastes, including minimalist and maximalist lovers and classic-savvy and contemporary enthusiasts. This was our initial authentication and still persists to "please everyone's taste".

Crafted with Care and Legal Protection

We submitted all our designs to the TPE, "Trademark, Patent, and Copyright Enforcement," proving that they are unique to us and do not violate the designs of others. With the latest trends in design, we are continuously creating new styles to stay up-to-date.

Team of Talent and Modern Equipment

We offer modern living room wall clocks of the highest quality that will last years and continue to function properly for many years. We realize that more than material quality is required to produce high-quality wall clocks. Each of our wall clocks is handmade and requires specific craftsmanship to manufacture them properly. We are also proud of our skillful masters who handle the work, cut the pieces, place them according to the design, and finish them at optimal quality.

More Than Just a Clock: A Philosophy

Our philosophy is to satisfy everyone and, above and beyond that, to satisfy each customer with the quality of our materials and craftsmanship. Moreover, it is part of our philosophy to design and craft unique contemporary wall clocks; otherwise, we are not selling or crafting anything. As professionals, we are just doing what we are supposed to do. We gained valuable insight into wall clocks and their working principles.

The Essence of Our Designs

One of the essences of our designs is to create a warm and luxurious atmosphere with simple, uncomplicated designs. A wall clock doesn't necessarily have to be a room's main attraction but should enhance its overall atmosphere. Besides that, the clock's color and shape shouldn't conflict with the room's general appearance; rather, they should match the decor. This is why we chose stainless steel with a premium finish that matches any interior.

Inspired by Nature, Designed for Modern Living

We believe that design should be beautiful, simple, relaxing, and have depth, just like nature. Nature's charm should also be reflected in its timely functioning. The empty feeling that is evoked when looking at the sky and thinking about the planets turning around the sun is at the core of our designs.

When you look at the sea, sky, or forest, you first think of its depth. You want to look more because of its enchanting beauty. It also drives us to design home decor clocks that will entice visitors to look further.

Balancing Visual Appeal and Functionality

The clock's mechanism should be silent and operate properly without requiring much maintenance. These features may seem easy to find on the market; however, a quality large modern wall clock is hard to find. It is essential to select a high torque mechanism of the finest quality that is skillfully mounted to the clock's ring. At Mclocks, we produce wall clocks that are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

A Promise to Deliver More

Keeping to our core principles and maintaining quality is what drives our design. As we craft our designs with attention and care, we aim to carry them to future generations. We don't rush to make too many designs but instead, take our time before compiling a wall clock. It should please everyone.

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